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My girlfriend left the country for vacation and I think she's slept with someone else. I can't help but get the feeling that she has had sex with another man. I'll see her on fb and messenger says she's active and she won't respond, her whatsapp will give the last time she's been online down to the minute but she doesn't answer for hours. Am I over thinking it?

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  • best way to lose someone is to be paranoid and controlling

  • i can tell you one thing for sure, from that moment of yours, your living in shit relationships they will become full of crap. shes online and chatting sexting with other guy, because he has all ready rolled red carpet for her, shes vagina is facing it and thinking about passing. Or - probably fucking with other guy. Be safe mate, i'm experienced with this shit and now things are way more fucked up and i'm in for a ride. it's not good nor bad, i just wanna see, what it is, what shes up to, is this other guy different from me and how.

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