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So, I'm a young guy who goes to the gym often. A few days out of the week I don't go to my regular gym, I go to the one close to my job and go right after work. I've been going for a few weeks now and I always see a few older guys walking around the locker room naked; especially at night before closing time when the gym is near empty for the last hour. At first it was uncomfortable. But last night I decided to take a quick shower before taking off after my workout. Hardly any people were around so I figured why not. The locker room was empty, or at least seemed so until I stepped back into the showers and saw an older guy standing in his shower with the curtain open. For some reason, I glanced down at his cock and it slowly got me hard. I've never been turned on by another man until that point. It was the first time I saw another man naked in person. I stepped into a shower and decided to leave my curtain open as well, hoping he would glance over at me too. I rinsed off my body and within a few minutes he walked over and started a casual ass conversation, both of us standing there talking nude. Occasionally, he would look down at my cock and back at me. The more he looked at my dick, the more I felt comfortable looking at his. I would look at his with intentions of him noticing. As he kept speaking to me, I still had the water running. Before I shut it off, I rubbed my cock, as if washing it off, and slowly began to tug gentle strokes. I hesitantly stroked in front of him until his dick was as hard as mine. He rubbed his hand over my cock and put me on my knees facing him, he wet cock was hard and throbbing in my hands. It was all a rush for me, touching another man's cock, I jerked him off and put my mouth around it. All I knew to do decently for the first time was suck on this tip of his penis. I sucked on the head of his cock and after a few minutes he asked me to suck on his balls while he jerked himself off and he came on the shower floor. I want to do it all again.

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  • Honestly it's just stupid and pathetic to write that! If he wanted to confess that it's his choice and I'm happy for him that he might be gay or not! If you don't like it then why are you spending your lonely ass time making other people feel bad, that just shows ho much of a loser YOU are!

  • what the fuuuuuuucccckkkk!!! ssstttttfffffuuuuuuuu!

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