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Im terrified of the police it isn't because theyre shooting people or all of that it's because of what happened on my 21st birthday. I had been at a bar and decided to drink home I admit that it was a horrible mistake and I don't do it anymore but I wasnt thinking at the time. About half way home I was stopped by a cop, he saw I was all dress up and asked me if I had been drinking I told him I had so he asked me to step out of the car when I did he began to pat me down which lead to him feeling me up. After he stopped he told me that if I had sex with him that he'd give me a ride home and that I wouldn't be arrested or ticketed for anything being drunk I agreed and let him do it. but after he finished he cuffed me and told me I was under arrest and took me to the police station. When I got there I saw him talking to a group of 6 or 7 cops laughing and carrying on then he took me to a room where another guy came in amd told me to strip so he could search me once I did he started fingering me and made me lay on the table and had sex with me then he kissed my neck and told me that I was in for a long night that i should get comfortable I wasnt sure what he ment at first but as he walked out another cop walked in and began to undo his pants. That night 6 different cops had sex with me, I was so scared I just let it happen without any fight or resistance. The next morning they took me home and I didnt receive a DUI or anything but I i have the memory of the cops using me like a sex toy that night and it haunts me still. I just wanna cry everytime I see a cop I know they aren't all bad but I cant tell the difference. I've talked to people and the always tell me the same thing that i need to do something about it but who would I go to the police they're the ones who did it.

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  • Gosh, so sad... It's not your fault, please? Next time, just make a right decision, and welcome Jesus Christ as your lord and personal saviour, asking him for guideline will bring you peace and the grace to making a rightful decision. Please, don't guilt trip into 2016, best wishes.

  • Are you from El Salvador cause I know that the IDs there are called "DUI"? which will mean unique document of identity or something

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