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I hate to be fat, I hate those stereotypes that govern the world, I hate that at my 15 years old (less than a month 16) any boy of my age is interested in me, just because I don't have a model body, it's just genetic, and it's not fair that just old man's are interested in me, I want to have a boyfriend just like an ordinary girl, a cute boyfriend that take care of me, i am very sad, I always think in suicide, but, im a coward.

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  • High school dating is a joke unless you can drive.. Anyway, I hate stereotypes as well, but you just have to ignore them or don't let them affect you. In the end, you are responsible for yourself..No one should have to take care of you.. your parents may but they will not be able to do it forever

  • stop eating chesseburgers 24/7

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