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I know this is a sexist generalization and I genuinely don't like making these kinds of statements but this is honestly how I feel right now: men are awful. All of the ones I've known have been a disappointment. They either are immature creatures that have no spines, no action and all talk or they're arrogant, hurtful (sometimes to the point of being abusive), liars who ultimately are just going to cheat on you and leave you. And I can't see what the lesser evil is anymore. Both are devastating to be with. My current boyfriend/recent ex (because I don't know right now which one it is) is the first category but I've dated plenty of the second. It doesn't matter if we break up because I truly believe that even if it was finally over there's no hope for finding love again. I'll still be picking from two shitty categories and I have no desire to.

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  • From a guys perspective it's hard to find a good woman. It's like no matter what we do they always find the wrong in it. There is no such thing as perfect so women need to stop looking for mr perfect and find mr realistic

  • if you where able to be completely honest with yourself you might find out what you really want in a human being because if you've already dated both extremes it must mean that the guy in the middle is just too boring for your wild ways. don't blame all men blame your short attention span and your princess mentality.

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