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l was in a relationship for 14 years that ended 3 years ago I still love my ex via our past but I am not in love with him anymore he doesn't want to cut ties saying he rather I be in his life then not my issue is I care want to be just friends but he is still very much in love with me and hasn't moved on i have and been feeling best to cut him off regardless of what he says idk anymore

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  • me thinks you might be leading him on. I had an ex like you before I think and the only thing I wanted from here after my eyes where open to the type of person she is, was for her to leave me alone. keep the conversation basic. don't ask how he's doing when you really don't care, don't get into his personal business and keep him out of yours. and for God's sake if you two have kids together...JUST KEEP IT ABOUT THE KIDS!!!...no one has the time to play emotional games nowadays hon.

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