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Exposed -online risk  "Show me a picture of you". That or similar texts you get fast to hear online even when the portal should be anonymous. Good. This shows no problem at first glance. At first you are thinking ok no problem. But the consequences are frightening. Anonymously can I talk about everything. But it is not good. I entrust myself to people I don't know. I send pictures of myself to people I don't know. Am I lost? Am I naive? The only correct answer is: No, because there are people who are genuine. I know that. They are, like you and me. They are all real, but who is fake? At the moment, very many young people and some of the older generation are in online forums. But I don't know how many people are honest in online forums. And many can trust you quickly. But the company not staying online warns us against these people with fake profiles and those who abuse our data. But how naive are we? Yes, I'm talking about "we" because I am also staying online. But there may be one of the thousands kidding us and I had this "one". I was 16 years old and still naive. Have him many images sent by me, because he had my trust. Fully. I found out, he had a fake profile. Online we trust us too much. How can you trust someone? (now i'm 18)

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  • I dont even use my first real name most of the time sometimes not even names of guys I have feelings for even if I may not end up with them. But thats just me people just have to be smart they dont need to hide everything if they dont want to

  • This is a great warning to us and a reminded of how vulnerable we are. People who dont listen or care about this are stupid and at risk.

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