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A while back I had to go over and watch my younger cousins for a bit. This invloves lusting over my girl cousin who was 13. Her and her little brother played in their backyard pool for a few hours and eventually they dried off and the little one fell asleep. Me and his sister were up watching a movie, but she was still in her bikini. She got up to get water from the kitchen and I looked over at her walking down the hall. I realized that her in that tiny bikini was practically her in a pair of undies. Part of her bikini was tucked in between her little buttcheeks and that's what turned me on. My cock was hard by the time she sat back on the couch. She ended up falling asleep about an hour and she's a heavy sleeper. She had her whole body laid out on the couch face down. Most of her ass was hanging out of her bikini. Her brother was snoring in his room with the door closed. So, I got up and kneeled down by the couch next to my cousin. I gently and hesitantly laid my hand on the back of her thigh. Slowly, I ran my hand up the back of her smooth leg until I slipped my fingers underneath her bikini and had her little ass cheek in the palm of my hand. With my other hand, I stroked my hard cock. Once I was sure she didn't feel a thing, I pulled her bikini bottom down to expose her nice ass. I gently ran my fingers between her soft cheeks, cupping them and giving them a soft grip until I shot a warm load of cum in my pants.

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  • why does this story keep coming up? same shit couple weeks ago

  • other people might judge but not me. you were exploring and nothing bad happened like getting her pregnant. we're all human after all

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