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some people are such damn hypocrites. first they want to call you a lair , then when they find out that in reality your way more honest and forthcoming than them they try their best, and I mean absolutely go out of their way to ether prove you wrong or put soo much false information in the air about you, just yo try and prove that their right, they get caught up in their own lies that they told about you. and lord forbid that their own personal demons that they hide from the world gets exposed then they really hate cha. my advice to everyone that's ever been lied on, singled out, picked on, personal information that you've shared with people that you thought you could trust but found out they were complete psychopaths that only wanted to use you or shame you. look them in the face with the biggest, truest smile, then pat them on the shoulder and say thank you please try again because they gave you power over them!

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  • Narcissist are some of the worst

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