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I met a girl at the gym today and oh boy did I want to fuck her bad. I'm not usually the type to go for physical attraction. I like an intellectual. Knowledge, confidence, ambition, humility, those are the things that attract me to a woman but this was different. It might be because I haven't had sex in awhile but the entire time she was talking to me I was thinking about all the things I would do to her given the opportunity. I haven't thought like that since Frosh year of college. I've had a few relationships that started off as an initial sexual attraction and all of them had no substance. I promised myself I wouldn't start off any more relationships like that again but got damn I wish she was here right now takin this dick

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  • It means you aren't cocky or arrogant and think you're better than other people just because of what you have or what you do

  • What do you mean, you like humility?

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