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I feel like my mom is going out of her path. My parents have had so many fights and every fight's main factor is ego. Even though my dad is a short-tempered person, he still loves us a lot and works a lot to sustain our lives. Every fight I know has been started by my mom and she tries to blame all the shit on dad. Dad tries to end all the fight's and tries to comfort her still though mom isn't. Lately, I noticed some changes in her that caught my eyes. She's been trying to dress nicely, putting on slight make-ups to look better, speaking to someone on the phone for a very long time, etc. I feel like she's trying to feel nice in front of someone else. She's a nurse and she usually comes home at 5pm but now she's going late up to 9pm and dad comes at 8pm after closing his shop. I have a sibling. An older sister who is a literal definition of bitch. She once called dad a "stupid moron" for not letting her go late night. The thing is she has a boyfriend who happens to be a douche bag too. I hate him and once threw bricks at him for snatching away my back-pack and putting all the contents down on the floor. I can see why my dad is not able to give us a happy time and it's because I've seen him working hard at his electronic repair shop and also goes for a charity-work at the church. I understand my dad and asks him very less but sis and mom though wanna live in a really rich life. I feel like this is gonna end up in a divorce where mom will marry some idiot and sis will go with her. I just don't know what to do. I feel so anxious now. I am a boy who just turned 17 and I just wanna see them all happily living. I don't think that's gonna happen. I had a hope before but now it's all loosing :(

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