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I have had my failures in my attempts to finally get a girlfriend, ok I will be honest, I failed at all of my attempts.. but the latest one is where the universe REALLY out did itself. I met a girl and we got to talking and I found out she was engaged (I've been there a couple times before) but this girl was too awesome, she is smart beautiful and independent, so I thought I might as well gain a friend. The very next night at 2 in the morning I get a text from her, I read it when I wake up and we get to talking, 3 words in she says that her fiance broke off the engagement ( I will admit I felt a bit happy at this point), she said she wanted to see me and we did meet up, I told her about my original intentions that I liked her and was about to ask her out when she told me she was engaged. We then talked for a solid hour to why it won't work out, because apparently in our world religion likes to fuck me every once in a while, she is muslim I am christian (atheist actually), for me its no problem, I am willing to give it a go and even convert if it reached a point were I loved her enough that I wanted to spend my life with her, but since she is very religious and her parents won't approve (she has a very close relationship with her parents, which I liked) it would not work out in the end, so she doesn't want to get attached to me knowing that in the end we will have to end things.... Nothing I said could have made it work out, I tried, I just thought I would share this with you guys. I really wish that religion didn't exist, its just one more thing separating us.

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  • That sucks dude.. I am also interested in a Muslim guy, but I am atheist as well. I am not going to make a move because about 98% I will be rejected because well our beliefs are different. Hopefully you'll find that special someone! You're not too old are you?? If not, don't worry~ You have time

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