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Okay, its more of asking for advice than a confession, i tend to be an open person about most things. But after a friendship problem, i moved friendship groups from the have fun but try hard group, to the confident obnoxious i dont give a fuck with school kids. I mean its fun and all and my friends are true friends but they are just not the right kind. I love each one of them to pieces but they are making me forget about education and the future. Whilst i am in this group i feel trapped and that although i know they wont judge me, i feel like i need to pretend to be someone i am not, so i have turned into that girl who is always talking, flirting with every boy and making comments in class that are dumb and not needed. I feel that i need to escape it all start fresh somewhere else, or fix it all i am so confused and its killing me inside. Advice please??xxxxx

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  • I assume you're either in 7th 8th or 9th grade? Go back to the other group, every schools has the bunch of girls who don't give a shit about school. You can thank me later

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