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My girlfriend still won't listen to me. I've given her a thousand names and she's still stuck on Rufus. I asked her if it had any significant meaning to her and she said she's just always liked that name. I suggested it be our baby's middle name and she said she didn't like that. Then she tried to pull the "The baby get's to have your last name you can at least let me choose his first name" card which is asinine. She's always been hard headed but she's never been this bad before. Maybe it's her hormones raging? Regardless, I'm running out of ideas to convince her Rufus is not a very good name. #DontNameOurBabyRufus

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  • isnt that a dogs name

  • Break down. Cry. Tell her your 5th grade bully was named Rufus. He stuck your head in a toilet and touched your balls in a 'bad touch' kind of way. Use those hormones to your sympathetic advantage.

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