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I don't think I'm good enough. I'll never be a good enough daughter. I'll never be a good enough sister. I'll never be a good enough girlfriend. I'll never be a good enough friend. I'll never be a good enough owner. I'll never be good at telling people how I feel, because they'll just tell me I'm being ridiculous or that it's not true... Are you delusional?

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  • wow. for a second, I thought maybe I wrote this confession. girly, it's going to be okay. the worst thing you can do right now is down yourself. keep your head up. and that means smiling and actually being happy. don't fake it. don't let people bring you down like that. you are a beautiful human being, and humans make mistakes. so give yourself some slack. learn to love yourself darling.

  • There's is always a time in everyone's lives where they encounter these kind of thoughts. It's understandable and completely normal. The reason is we all look down on ourselves whether is appearance or skill or the other factors; we feel as though we lack certain qualities, which we automatically assume classifies us as a "not good enough" human being. but remember nobody is perfect in this world. we weren't created to be perfect, we were created to live as who we are not how perfection is depicted as because there is no existence of such things. You may believe you're not good enough but you should take the people's words of you being "ridiculous", because I'm sure you make an amazing daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend and owner. people around do care about you, and that care they hold towards you indicate that you are good enough. If you feel so degraded about yourself, maybe tell someone why you have these thoughts. Tell someone why you think you will never be a good daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend and owner. because im sure you're a wonderful and gorgeous human being. "oh baby you should go and love youself"

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