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I've never had a new years kiss. last year was the closet I came. I put the rose petals on the stairs, I poured two glasses of champagne, he told me he was on his way. He was kinky and I wore a just his collar and laid the restraints on the bed, putting the ball drop on the T.V. so we could watch it together in bed as he "tied" in the new year, the way he liked.I got the text that he decided it wasn't worth the drive at 11 pm. I will never again spend a new years waiting for someone else and that kiss. I will drink both glasses of champagne, one for the year past and one for the year coming. I will spend new years by myself from now on and make this my own tradtion and never let another ruin it for me.

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  • You're giving up too easy.

  • yaaaaaaahhh!!! mine was romantic also!!!!!! aaaaaahhhh.. I am so blushing and ... i dont know the feeling

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