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I don't know what's wrong with my boyfriend. He didn't talks to me that much anymore but we still talk tho, sometimes the conversation are shorter than before. And he said he's coming today but later said can't. We been dating for like what? Over 1 months... I k I'm overthinking so much but I can't help it...overthinking kill me everyday..I can't make it disappear. I overthinks everything and I've a doubt on myself cause I know I'm ugly and shorter than him. He befriended with my friends too and I know they don't like him and he don't like them too but befriend them to get closer to me but sometimes I wonder if he likes one of my friends too cause they're all pretty and I'm like an potato..

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  • It probably has nothing to do with you. He wanted to date you because he likes you .... potato or not. He might have a great weight on his mind, and the effort it takes to communicate with you would be too much. Show him love and support while giving him space. Your relationship is young. Ask him when he is no longer stressed what as bugging him, and learn from it!

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