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I'm confused. I'm scared. I'm hurt. I don't feel like the person loves me.. He keeps showing it.. But I feel like he's lying.. One second I'm his everything.. The next second, I'm nothing.. I think he loves her.. I think I'm just an option of his when he's bored.. It's sad that I dream too much fantasy about the both of us.. I want them to happen, but they don't seem like they will.. My mind tells me to give up cause I'm wasting my life.. My heart says that I should still hold on.. Even if how much it hurts.. Heart or mind?

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  • Lotsa periods here ma'am. I think you should just let it go because if he knows you love him and claims to feel the same way but still chooses someone over you, you deserve a hell of a lot better and he needs to learn his lesson the hard way, he can't have two girls man. He can barely have one as you can see.

  • have you ever told him that? he might feel unworthy of being cared for or loved. but if you can't or won't express how you truly feel then it's probably best to just move on and put the pass behind you.

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