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we were skyping and I turned on a light, and then said that I should turn off the light because it makes me look fat. I laughed it off, thinking that was that, but then his brother said in front of him to me "you're fat in general." I absolutely felt like shit, I looked down but at the same time tried to fake a smile for them since I have to tolerate him, and just said "i know".

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  • Were you skyping with your boyfriend? If he is your boyfriend and they both said that you shouldn't have to put up with that, if someone loves you they don't put you down like that I don't know why people think it's okay to say that because it's not and I wanna punch them but I don't feel like he's the right boyfriend, they're supposed to tell you that your beautiful no matter what and they could care less about those things etc, but you shouldn't have to tolerate that shitty piece of behavior. You can find someone way better than him.

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