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I really hate it when I am being compared to my cousin. Well she's better at singing than me (can reach really high notes) and I'm adequate like I'm an alto. She's really good at arts and make ups and I'm a sucker at all of those. And my parents keep on comparing me to her like how perfect her voice sounds compared to mine. And etc. IDK if they keep doing that to motivate me but it doesn't. Instead it made me feel insecure of myself that I feel like crap. It's new year now and I'm sulking! whooh way to start a year -_- seriously tho, why can't they just treat us equally and praise each of us for our talents and abilities and not compare us? I've been keeping this feeling for almost a year now. I hope things will change soon cause I'm starting to hate her and I don't want that cause she's my bff since childhood and I also don't want to be some antagonist in some chickflicks.

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  • Well she may be better than you at doing x or y,but you just need to show your parents you have your own qualities too,it may not be singing or drawing,it may be dancing,editing,animating just whatever! 😃

  • Just about the singing thing- Sopranos are NOT better than Altos just because they can go higher! So what if they can hit a few diva notes? Plenty of Altos sound better and have richer, fuller tones. Look at Adele.

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