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hello guys! id like to ask for some advice so here we go - I never talk to my friends. I see them at school and that's it- really. I try to text or call them and we talk for maybe 30 minutes of choppy texts before five messages in they stop responding or find some reason to leave. I try to make plans to see them outside of school and something always makes it so that they just CAN'T find time for me. just school, when we are forced to be in the same room, do we ever talk (and that is if they're not on their phones activly talking to someone else). other than that i sit in my house all alone and watch as the tiny little things they do piss me off. They text or call someone else, they can't hang out with me because they want to go get their dog a haircut, they have plans with their boyfriend every day for the next month, our plans get cancled because of XYZ and the resceduled plans get cancled, and then I'll wait for their next availability only to find they spent it with someone else and didn't even think of me! it's all so aggrivating! it's affecting me very negatively and I don't want to deal with being blown off or seeming unimportant anymore. So, I decided that I wanted to talk to my friends about it. possibly by text, possibly in person after break, i hadn't decided but, then i thought...what if it's me? ALL my friends seem to not have time for me so maybe It's my fault and not all of theirs. maybe my timing sucks or I'm too needy. plus, I'd feel awkward telling some of them that they haven't been very good friends because, we haven't had a decent conversation in so long, can I even still call us friends or are we acquaintances? Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough and I should try to make plans MORE often or MORE in advance before I blame everyone else. maybe I just need to make more friends so that when my current 5 or 6 or so can't hang out I have other options! but maybe I should talk to them because they're my friends and they should want to make me happy?! I dont know! So, if you were in my situation, always feeling lonely and neglected, what would you do?

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  • Throw them off, you are NOT the blame. They are just neglective bitches. Join the Minecraft community XD

  • These are just fake friends.They use you like a cigarette when they're bored,then when they're done,they throw you on the ground and step on you.You don't need people like that in your life,even if it means ending up alone.You'll find somebody better and somebody that you deserve.Cut them off,don't waste your time going after people who don't need you.

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