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I wonder why people from non asian countries are ANGRY to asians. I wonder what they talk about asians on their news tv and I wonder what teacher teaches about asians. I guess it were thought about it so bad. It's a stereotyping.

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  • People are angry at Asians because people like you exist. God damn, learn to accept things. Parents influence their children, not just teachers. Unless you are from the middle east, there are not much said abiut Asians. Stereotypes exists for all races not just Asians.

  • White guy here. We tend to think well of Asians. Love anime, korean drama, chinese martial arts. I like Confucianism, but not Lao Tsu's Tao which seems lazy to me. There is a preoccupation with avarice in most asian countries i interact with. Like you will spend enough to make you poor in order to look rich. Where I comw from thia generation adores asians. They think they are totally cool. We are worried of Chinese expansionism (Spratly, Senkaku) and make fun of Made in China products, but we actually like China aside from that. Wanna learn about our stereotypes? Whatch this American comedy show called "Fresh off the boat"

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