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im in love with this guy but he's famous. ive been "following" him for 8 years. When I met him and hugged him it just felt so right like nothing ive ever felt. I cant even describe it. ive told a few people online about this but in general I try to pretend its not serious if I discuss him cuz I get tired of when I do open up people treating it as a joke. he has mentioned tons of times how he would date fans but I know he could have any girl he wanted Im not even pretty and have a lot of baggage. from what he has said tho I may be the girl he's looking for. but I also know I would hate his life so I wish I could just be happy with my bf but I just keep thinking he's not him. ive had my fair share of attractions even obsessions on other famous guys but none like this. ive been contemplating whether I should try and meet him again BC I feel so lonely without him in my life. but idk what to do cuz I feel like any way of trying to get close to him is going to attract attention. and the other thing is BC I really do love him I dont want to bother him but I gotta get to him before another girl does. he wont be single for long. ive tried before saying to myself im not in love with him im just infatuated but my mind wont let me deny it cuz this is nothing like the infatuation I had. the worst part is I have no one to really talk about this who can advise me. I was even afraid to go deep with my therapist. I know this sounds probly stupid but im really lost BC I cant shake the fact he is my kindred spirit and that im settling in my relationship.

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  • stop stalking this famous guy. you are scary

  • Sound the alarms, we have a crazy person here

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