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I just want to beat the shit out of one of my friend at the moment. She only ever seems to ring when she wants something, for example a lift or to borrow money that I myself have saved and worked for while she sits on her ass all day. But the majority of the reason why I want to beat her to a bloody pulp is that she picks dick over me and her other friends. We will make plans as a group, be waiting at the place and then get a text saying that she can't come cause one of her many fuck buddies has turned up. Or we will be at a party and she will belittle or humiliate me I front of a guy she has her eye on and his friends. Well fuck her this year my new year resolution is that no longer am I gonna be the push over friend, she can make the effort not me.

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  • How the hell is she your friend? Look at her and say if you choose sex over me you can screw off. I beat my ass for you, go get a fucking job.

  • your friend is showing signs of being a bitchy girl.. just ignore her

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