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Okay, I like Harry Styles and I know that's completely ridiculous and immature, and I'm just being a "stupid young teenager", and you're probably going to skip this idiotic confession because it's a waste of time and I don't blame you!! But you know I didn't want to like him!! I know it's so dumb, I know it so fucking well because I know he doesn't even know me and doesn't fucking care. I know it so bloody damn well. God, it was not my intention to like him, I didn't want to. The first time I saw him in the 'what makes you beautiful' music video, I didn't like him, heck I didn't even find him that attractive and thought him including all 4 boys were not that great. However now I hate it so much. I dont want to like, its embarrassing and so cliche for a teenage girl to fall head over heels for the harry styles. and I even remember saying how I didn't want to associate myself with one directiom very clearly and quitw boldly but damn after watching a live of 'story of my life' with Harry's long, curly, greasy hair that shicked the hell out of me I just started crumbling little by little. you know I even told everyone that I didn't like his hair and that he should chop it off. I pretend to care less about Harry Styles and pretend he isn't one of the most perfect human beings on earth. and then after watching video after video of his goofy, childish, weird personality, my god I just lost it. I just wish I don't get excited when I hear his name or see his face and that long hair that I've grown quite an attraction. God I sound mad and really dumb and please throw me some criticism because I need to snap out of it. clearly it's not healthy and obviously impossible. I need to think about something, I have to! I don't want to like him anymore

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  • I didn't want anything to do with One Direction but as soon as I saw Louis Tomlinson I have completely melted inside. He's so perfect and adorably handsome.😍

  • You don't really like him,you're just kind of attracted to him,and that's not the same thing.But it's totally normal though,there are millions of other girls like you who've been in the same situation you know 😊 so just try to stop seeing photos/videos of him and you'll forget him little by little

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