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The daughter of my boss is like "im full but I'm hungry and i want to lose weight but I'm hungry" sooo annoying....she just used an excuse like "mama wants this" but the truth she's d one who wanted to eat!!! wow! #epic #deadhungry everyday!! she's eating soup because she said she wanted to lose weight but i counted she cme more than 6 times in the kitchen after lunch!!! wtf is that?? and if her brother was not around she immediately went to d kitchen to eat!😂😂😂😂😂 she's twice bigger than her mother now fyi she undergo an intestine operation 4yrs ago so that she can control eating!! #solution #suicide

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  • Sounds like she may have a medical condition. It must be awful to have a condition where you were always hungry no matter what. I wouldn't wish that on anybody ... except maybe bitchy people who have no sympathy for it.

  • Suicide? You're fucking sick. I can't believe you would even consider suicide as an 'option' for someone who is struggling. It's not a solution, you asshole. Her eating is probably a result of an underlying cause. She could be emotionally struggling with something that you don't know about. Who are you to judge? Anyone who thinks other people should kill themselves should just drop dead.

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