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I have the odd feeling that (Youtuber) Dan Howell is my soulmate. I still kinda ship phan but cmon to me they're just friends. I know how stupid and useless this is. I think my recent breakup messed my priorities up or something or maybe fanfiction did this to me but my infatuation has to stop NOW. help.

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  • Reality check. HE DOES NOT ACTUALLY KNOW YOU. It is 100% one sided. he probably would find it creepy as fuck.

  • same here hahah, I love Dan a lot as well he's a great guy and every time I see a video with I can't help but wonder what it'd be like if I knew him irl: would we be friends? get along well? maybe become more than friends? I understand that you think he's your soulmate but I reckon you can only be sure about that if you've met the person irl. I know it's sad and my love for Dan a while ago has been really out of control for a while but now I just enjoy watching his and phils videos and think to myself: hey if I should ever met those two dorks, that'd be great because they're really sweet and if it should ever happen I can wonder about things like. wing friends with them etc. It upsets you I know but try to go a little easy on this matter and don't stalk him too much, it'll pass with time even though you think he's your soulmate. good luck!

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