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Ever since my breakup (less than a week ago, caused by him cheating) I've been obsessing over cute youtubers and fictional characters like Dean Winchester to make myself feel better. Is this a bad way to cope with this? It is somehow upping my self esteem in a sense because it makes me feel like there are way better men out there for me. Is this bad for me and giving me false hopes for the future or should I just continue healing my heart this way?

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  • I love that you apparently love Dean just as much as I do haha. I'm just like you, I've been obsessing over fictional characters all my life and tbh I've never had a relationship so far, maybe because my standards are set too high with all those expectations men like Dean gave me. But I am personally fine with obsessing and getting my hopes up to find a good guy, because let's be real: you shouldn't settle for less than you deserve and some day someone will come along who naturally is not just like those fictional people because they are in fact and sadly only fictional, but maybe some they will have some qualifies you like about the fictional people. I reckon loving people in fictional works makes you aware of what you would appreciate in someone, you get an idea of what kind of relationship you'd like to have and I think that's okay. Of course you shouldn't be like 'if you aren't as handsome and as attractive and intelligent and ... I am not up for a relationship with you', because that's bullshit you can't design yourself a (real) partner. I believe that loving fictional people even helps you love real people even if they are not at all like the fictional people we obsess over, because it teaches us to appreciate the little things, the flaws and imperfections those characters have and accepting flaws in real people will most likely be easier as well. Long story short: take as much time and as many fictional characters as you like to heal your broken heart and some day you'll find your own personal Dean Winchester who for you will seem to be even more perfect than Dean (although that's really hard because Dean is amazing but you get my point). Enjoy obsessing, it definitely makes coping with hard times easier, so good luck!!!

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