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how can i get my wife to love sex more . she is cold compared to me

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  • 1. Be romantic and make her remenber why she married you. Dates on the sane places you guys go out when you wherent married. 2. Massage her, clean the house an cook for her, give her a free day of house responsabilidades. 3. Make excersises in front of her or any activitie where you need to use your strength. 5. Pretend you dont wanna sex, be sweet, caring, romantic, give her roses BUT pretend you dont desire her. 6. Use your eyes, look at her nails, hair or try to know what shirt or pant she uses more and compliment her If she change her nails color or she wear her favorite clothes. 7.Tell her how beautiful you find her. 8.Masturbate and be obvious!! tell her you decided not to insist anymore to have sex and that you're going just to masturbate.

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