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I'm a sociopath. I use information about others and myself to get others to do and feel what I want them to do or feel. There is not a single person in this world that knows everything about me. I have a boyfriend that no one knows about, not even my best friend. We talk about moving in together but I know that as soon as I find someone better I will immediately dump him. I'm also a really good liar but at times I pretend to be a really bad liar so that when I do lie, people think I'm telling the truth. I hate having to be social and interacting with other people. Even though I'm a sociopath, I find the injustice of this world, especially the ones produced by capitalism, to be completely intolerable.

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  • Your a Psychopath not a Sociopath

  • damn, I can relate. I don't know if I'm a sociopath but I find myself in your last two sentences.

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