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There was a time when my best buddy and me were in vegas for five days. we had a lot of fun, played football in the hotelpool, gambled, had steaks, got drunk and couldnt hardly remember anything from the night before. but this was nothing compared to the last night: we went out as usual, dressed fancy as it gets, had dinner and decided to visit one hell of a nightclub. after a couple of wodka cranberries we had become the center of attention on the dancefloor. and then i saw this amazing woman with her black dress and black hair staring right at me. she was about my age and beautiful like a rose in bloom. we danced and kissed and had a wonderful night together. the only thing about her i know is that she is from new york. she gave me everything i needed in this night and, two years after this incident, i still think about her and i wonder if this was all just a dream or reality. i've never met a woman like her before or after that.

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  • I'm pretty sure, you will meet her again one day cause people who are meant to be together will always find each other!

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