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i deleted my girlfriend instagram account and told her she is not allowed to make one again. she says im overreacting but the truth is, shes an attention whore and i will not accept her posting (almost) nudes on her instagram. i feel im completely right for doing this

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  • if you think she's such an attention whore that you need to make decisions for her then why are you even with her? she's probably just posting those BECAUSE you're so controlling. and really overly jealous and controlling people think a tank top is 'almost naked' or 'too revealing' for their gf to be wearing because they're too damn insecure. so she might be an attention whore, but if you are just controlling her, then your statement is probably an exaggeration. I've been in 3 differently abusive relationships, I know the signs and buddy, you got so many red ones just in this small post. do both of you a favor and leave.

  • maybe you should tell her not to post such revealing posts? then she can have an instagram account and you will not be mad at what shes beem posting.

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