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I feel like there is an epidemic that plagues humanity today. I can't really put my finger on it, no matter how hard I try. It's like we're less than what we should be, could be. I blame the current state of affairs, with corporations ruling puppet governments to the detriment of the individual. But there a lot of factors. And it disgusts me that WE LET THIS HAPPEN. We are no better than slaves, beholden to our masters, begging for whatever scarps they deem to grace us with. Will we ever rise up and cast off our chains? Can we ever live in a world were technology and nature coexist in harmony? A people who are at once benevolent, kind and compassionate, but also strong and proud? I hope, deep in the very fiber of who I am, that we can. But I have doubts. Maybe we never will, that it's too late and the enemies of the individual have become too powerful. But I still Hope. My greatest dream is to be among the first to start the change. To live as an example for others, so that maybe one day someone will see what I have done, what I have become, and long to become something similar. Sure, maybe it's a hero complex. I don't care. I want to save the world from itself, and I will. For you. Reading this right now, I want this vision of a world and a people at peace with itself., for you. I will sacrifice my joy, my wants, my life, So that maybe something beautiful blossoms from the decomposing rot of the world today. I wish to be your champion. It is all I have ever wanted.

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