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My best friend came out recently to me saying he is gay and im the inly one he had the courage to say that to, i m very supportive and we re still best buddies but deep inside i'm really uncomfortable especially when he shares his love troubles about other guys or when he checks out guys at bars and makes remarks about it, i really wish he didnt say anything, whenever he s talking i'm afraid girls might hear him and assume i'm gay too.

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  • My best friend (we're both girls) told me two years ago that she and another girl friend of her were and still are in a relationship. I was the only one who knew this for one year and even now she keeps talking about their relationship to me every time we see each other. Although it's not making me that uncomfortable as you (maybe because I'm a girl), I can understand how you feel. You should talk to him and tell him how you feel, even though it makes you uncomfortable.

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