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I am so incredibly disappointed at my boyfriend. He recently crashed his car (his fault, but no one got hurt), he got fired, he has no money to even take the bus (so I am the one to go visit him), he owes both me and his father over 300 dollars and (before he crashed the car) I was often the one to pay for his gas. He also did not get me a present for my birthday last week as he could not afford it. Now when he feels bad for everything, all I want to do is tell him how much he deserves it, and all he does is trigger me by saying that I never support him. I love him, but I am so bitter.

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  • So you're saying he's a deadbeat and you're sticking with him? Ok. Have fun living in the trailer park ya dumb bitch

  • Yeah i would say hit the dump button and move on a man that cant provide for himself is man that should be single.

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