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So my girlfriend got into the medical campus of my college ( I'm an in engineering) . Now she's planning on going to a much worse college halfway across the country just because it's easier. Despite all of this I've been supporting her all the way and telling her to keep trying and to make a choice that she'll be happy with. Although deep inside, I'm hurt because despite her being my girlfriend of 2 years, she still doesn't consider me to be any part of her college choices. Don't judge me for being selfish or anything, but I've always been the last thing on her list of anything. She isn't affectionate. I mean is it too hard to ask that maybe she could be the one to take my hand sometimes? It's just eating me from the inside and I needed to let it out.

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  • You're interpreting this all wrong. You always tell her and encourage her to go to that college. So she DOES consider you a part of her college choices, but you're just being too passive. It's like you're telling her to do something and she does it, and you say she didn't listen to what you said. She DID, you just didn't realiz it.

  • find someone that cares about you... life is too fast to spend time with someone that doesn't support and care about us.

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