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I am a 20year old women... My last ex boyfriend, welll... Sexually speaking I loved it, we bond perfectly and I think I came every time... The truth is I don't know, I don't masturbate, when I start I don't know how to finish. With my actual boyfriend I sometimes( maybe every time) pretend enjoying sex with him. The truth is , is not even close as good in bed compared with my exbrofriend... (Also he doesn't trie very hard to get me to bed...so that discourages me even more. He likes to "schechuel" sex time. Wtf right? I don't know how to come alone. Have I a problem? But I'm certain that my ex boyfriend may de me reach even, but right now I don't remember anymore. I am duping actual boyfriend of 2 years for many thing including the sexual part... I don't feel connect with him, physical and emotionally

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  • So dump him dumbass. You clearly dont like the guy. Obviously doesnt satisfy you and you clearly not attracted. Its a no brainer.

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