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My mom compared me to my sister all the time ever since I was young. She would get mad at me for having bad grades. Since my sister messed up in high school, I was expected to do alot better, sending me to a high ranking school where my cousin graduated top 3% and expecting me to do the same. The truth is I'm struggling and hate this school (i break down almost every day and no one knows) but yet I get the best grades I can because I dont want to become a failure.

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  • Keep it up, however never put your life at risk for your stupid parents. I had a mental breakdown in college (took 4 programming languages at once with no knowledge of how to program.) I snapped finals week and nearly killed myself the entire semester. Do what my friends classmate did. Strip but ass naked in the snow and light a dumpster on fire and dance around it. They give you A's for the semester due to a mental breakdown. Also you shouldn't be breaking down this much in high school your supposed to save that for college.

  • Don't give up but don't push yourself too far. You are perfect as you are and no one has the right to compare you to anyone. You have the right to fail and not to be perfect, no one is. Don't expect more of you than you can do. I hope you will be happier once you get out of that school. Keep on going :)

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