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I met this new coworker. Funny woman, smart, hard working. Got together with her a few times, we've had a few dates and stuff. Some three days ago she said she likes me a lot, and she is ready. She wants me to be "her first" and I thought to myself "DAFUQ you mean by 'first'?" Turns out she's a 32 years old virgin. I'm really turned off by this now and I really don't know what to do. I like her, she is really a good person, but it seems she has put a lot of her emotional profile around this "first time". I seriously don't want to just ditch her, but I'm completely lost.

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  • Being a virgin at 19 is cute. At 30 it's a sign of serious mental illness. This bitch is fucking crazy and you need to RUN away from her before she hurts or tries to kill you

  • It happens more often than we imagine that somebody just didn't had the time in their life to find someone with which they were really attracted and who felt the same. The fact that she is still virgin doesn't mean she's waiting for something really extraordinairy.

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