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Last year i got into college, studied a lot, learned even more, but this year i started going downhill... Missed classes, started seeing girls even though i have someone i like, got high on an frequent basis. I'm smart, funny and a very social guy, but for the last years i've been a compulsive liar, sociopath and self-destructive. My father is having health issues and almost died 3 times, i have no connection with my family ,other than my parents, whatsoever and i'm almost getting kicked out of college... and even with all this pressure i'm no able to shed a tear or act different than my usual self... for that i think i'm an awfull human being and should not diserve the life i live.

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  • i love you

  • Man the fuck up and get your shit together bro ! You can't imagine what deep shit I've been through ... I lost all my economies, my sister's, I almost made my family bankrupt. But after 2 years of hard work I got my shit back together. I am a doctor now, dating a model, I got ups and downs like everybody but I'm going forward to realise my dreams and make my family proud. Get up, stop hanging out with losers, start making something constructive and useful. You'll be happy as hell.

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