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A lot of people around me think I am a smart guy who enjoys hid life. Truth is I've been taking antidepressant for a couple of months, I'm sick of school and of all the pressure my family is putting on my shoulders to succeed. My life is messed up, I have no job and I don't want to find one in my condition. I just want to stay in my room, listen to music and escape this reality that is my life. I've been thibking about ending everything many times since my now ex-gf dumped me recently, she was the only person in this world who could make me feel better about what I am truly.

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  • thats the point: the break up.. you have to go out. hanging out. your mind needs it

  • hey hey hey..i think you are sad because of your break up... and guessing that it was probably your first or even if it wasnt, it occurred at a time in your life when you are busy trying to prove yourself.(sigh) This is definately not a good time for you... but my friend believe me when i say this...almost 80% people go through this... so buck up and just live through your personal hell. . Remember "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never stop moving forward.." Best wishes... :)

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