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During last summer's vacation (January for us here in the south hemisphere) I went to my parents' for a few days visit. They are the most religious zealots I know. My 17 years old sister asks everyone to join her in the living room as she has something she wants to talk about. I knew she was going to come out, I simply knew it (I'm 8 years older than her, I know her quite a bit). So, I'm in the room waiting, and my sister's all nervous. Then my father enters the room and just sits on his armchair, silent. Next comes my mother. She looks around the room and say "I will say this only once, if any of you wants to tell me about their sinful lives, I will disown you, kick you out and make my best to turn their lives in a living hell" (christian love brings a tear to my eyes, indeed). I look at my sister and she's all white, pale, cold sweating, paralyzed. So I say "nah, mother, we just wanted to say sister's moving in with me since she wants to go to the university in the city I live in and I can afford to have her with me". Luckily my sister gets her act together, relaxed and says "yes, I really want to go". My mother visibly relaxes, and so does my father. We exchange a few more words on the subject (and I make my point that I'm not asking, I am just letting them know my sister's moving with me), they say I can count on them to help things out. Later that day my sister comes to me crying her eyeballs out, thanking me for saving her life. I told her I knew she's gay and I love her no matter what. When my vacations came to an end I took her home with me. I do think I did the right thing, and I know she'll grow to be an excellent human being!

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  • is op male or female... I see both in the comments but there's no indecation anywhere

  • i am a christian and to me your mom is freakin nuts (no offense)

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