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(IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT RACISM OR ANYTHING RACE RELATED, DON'T READ THIS)I'm starting really believe that white people are the source of a lot of hatred that's circulating around the world. They're ancestors caused so much genocide it's ridiculous. They've killed millions of Native Americans, Africans (still killing them), Jews, Asians(still killing them), and the list goes on. And let's not forget all of the experimenting they've done to other races. Let's not forget how they made Africans into shoes and worked many of them to death. Let's not forget the experimenting they've done on Guatemalans by exposing them to syphilis and further driving them deeper into poverty. Let's not forget how they took Jews and exterminated them almost completely, a horror that they continue to mock till this day. Let's not forget all the raping and pillaging that they CONTINUE to do, but are quick to kill others for. And yet we sit here and give them so much power and resources. For centuries white people (more specifically) white men have had the advantage and abusive power over all other races. Take the time out and watch some of the historical documentaries about White European imperialism And White American involvement from around the would, and MAYBE one day you'll start to think like I do.You'll see that everywhere they go, shit happens. Everywhere white people have been, the countries have been left in ruin or continue to be robbed. That's why there's so many fucking wars. People of color don't act like "animals" because that's just what they are, no, it's because they've been robbed of their identity, had to grow up with nothing, and are constantly being told that if they're not white enough or don't join their wig , they're worth nothing. So if you ever find yourself reading some racist shit a white posted, remember, THEY CREATED THE PROBLEM! We're so brainwashed it's ridiculous. Whites have bred us to believe that fairer skin and lighter eyes are ideal. What they really taught us in that madness is that our hardworking ancestors aren't worth shit, despite how hard they worked out in the sun. I could go about this all day if I wanted, but the information is already out there. We should just ban together and push them out of power and back to our roots.

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  • Why are African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and other "colored" races "minorities"? Don't they outnumber whites combined? Shouldn't whites be minorities?

  • And not to forget the kids of other

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