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Should I be mad at my bf? I have an eating disorder but I feel better/and don't binge when I have a healthy diet and go to the gym. So I talked about it with my bf and asked him to support me by coming with me to the gym once in awhile. But he flakes most of the time even though we argue and fight about it.. I know I should be doing this on my own but I need a little help and he knows how serious this is. Like right now I'm sitting in his room while he's showering because I'm waiting to talk to him about how he overslept again and never texted me a heads up the he won't be making it to the gym with me. it's like he doesn't even care. He knows how much I want to get better and he promised to be there for me. Should I be mad?

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  • I feel like I am putting a lot of pressure on him but he agreed to be there for me through this. How are you going to say you're going to be there and never show up?? We talked it over though. We decided to do our own thing in the gym. Meaning I'll just go by myself. It's probably better that way anyways since I can clear my head and work on my issues with some independence.

  • You are putting a lot of pressure on the guy. Different people show support in different ways. Maybe look for support from someone else who is good at giving you they type you need.

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