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My boyfriend is always spending time with his family in particular his mom. sometimes it would seem as if he hasn't seen his mom in a decade and he lives with her. it's always about mom, mom, mom and then there is me who lives miles away from him and all I ask for is some time but oh he gotta watch tv with mom. maybe I am freaking over reacting but this is bothering me for sure.

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  • It would bother the shit out of me. Makes you ask the question because many younger people want to explore dating and getting out of house, etc

  • I think that is nice of him, but maybe consider OP's reactions, she wouldn't react like this if that is not bothering her, and yes I know how annoying that situation is, luckily my bf is not 100% mom mom mom, but there are times he can't say no to his mom which frustrates me sometimes especially when we planned something before his mom tells stuff, which aren't important, like drive me to the salon blah blah.

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