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As a woman I love sex. My husband does not. It's such an issue that we have huge arguments over it. He says that he doesn't understand why I need it, and hates pretty much all physical contact. It makes me feel unwanted, un-sexy, and kinda like bitch because I'm the one who Always asks. It's gotten so bad I have to tell myself on a regular basis that I refuse to cheat on my husband.

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  • It's possible that he might be asexual, though he really should have brought it up before, especially as sexual incompatibility could lead to issues.

  • If he can't respect you for your needs... Hmm YPu both have to come to an understanding. If you desire an abnormal amount of sex and your hubby doesn't, you should learn to control yourself. If he's asexual... maybe he needs help to be able to satisfy you. Ask him. Is he traumatized? Does he care for you and act like a good boyfriend despite the lack of physical contact? Get marriage counseling

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