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God damn it, small people!!! Have you ever thought about the fact that I'm not bending down to talk to you to make fun of you?! I AM 20+ EFFING CENTIMETERS TALLER THAN YOU!!! I can't hear a thing you say; so either look the f*ck up instead of at the floor, or TALK LOUDER!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!! Okay, done with the rant. Seriously though, today my 1,45 m friend insisted on riding shotgun while I had to cram myself in the backseat, insisted that I carry her stuff because I'm taller, and then she screamed at me for leaning down to her when she was talking! And that's a thing I experienced with nearly every person that is smaller than 1,70 m - are they just not aware that I can't warp time and space so I don't bang my head and bruise my knees when trying to get in a damn mini cooper backseat? Tiny friends are nasty. And children are afraid of ME - seriously, kids, fear the small ones. Like chihuahuas and Napoleon.

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  • I'm 4"8 and I love tall people as friends. They playfully tease me a lot and make me smile.

  • ... Why does everyone think I'm a guy?

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