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Hi, does anyone have this kind of thing going on ? - the thing is, I have a gf, who i can't fully trust, (past issues with her) so i'm thinking of this saying that goes like this : 'you don't want to sleep with one eye opened.' My main question is have someone overcome trust issues, if yes, How ? It kinda messes me up, i mean not trusting her fully, because i lost my centered alpha male inner self in this relationships. I want to be strong not a guy who is stalker and thinks about shit all the time- like a chick. Btw im 21M, in relationship for 5 years.

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  • You know, the best thing happened to me is when my lying ex left me, was in a rel. for 4 years. I had trust issues with him (lying, cheating etc) he did tried to change, but the thing is I couldn't trust him fully, then somehow at the end, he became cold and lied again, Then left me. Thank heavens for that I found the right one.

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