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My officemates and i were having the time of our lives.. we were so drunk!. all i can remember is that i passed out inside the bar. then at around 2a.m. i guess, i woke up in an unfamiliar room. it was so dark and the moon's beam if light coming frim the window was the only source of light. i adjust my sight but was too weak to move then someone across the room move. i wasn't sure who was it, suddenly he turned the flashlight of his phone right infront of me. i pretended ti be asleep. then this person who came out to be my gorgeous officemate started caressing my tits while my clothes were still on, then i heard him unbuckling his belt and removed his pants. still i pretended to be asleep as he aggressively stayed squeezing my tits.. he removed shirt and lay on top of me.. i could feel his hard cock in between my legs even if we still had clothes on.. he begun sucking my nipples and licking the fullness of my breast, i could hear his moans and deep breathing which is slowly turning me on.. from my breast, up to my neck and my lips.. then he started making his way all the way down.. he removed my underwear and began sniffing my pussy.. st first i can hear him asking hisself to stop and then ask for forgiveness and i still pretended to sleep... then suddenly he buried his face right at my pussy and started rubbing his nose up and down my slit! i got really wet and tried si hard not to quiver! then he started kissing my cunt and licking it. it was slow at first then it got violent and fast! right then i can feel his tongue making its way inside me and doing that tornado thing! he suck my clit and lick me like my pussy was a delicious vanilla ice cream! i began to lose myself and out came my moan.. he stopoed if course and his mouth wideopen.. i told him to cintinue and do whatever he wanted.. he gave a quick smile and this time he git a little bit rough but feels really really good. i grabbed his neck and kissed him! we kissed so roughly as his middle finger is pounding deep inside me. then suddenly i felt a sudden pain! yes! i was still a virgin back then and he didnt know.. the moment he knew he ask me i i want to stop! if course i said no! and he began licking my pussy gently which made the pain fade away, he took my hand and slid it down his trunks. he whispered me to touch his cock.. i did and it was enormous!! he chuckled when he saw my shocked expression,. he leaned over my ear and asked me if i'm ready for him! i was excited! thrilled and to my excitement garbbed his waise and lock my legs in between them and told him ti give me his best shot! he laughed and started to slowly remove his shorts.. he laid on top of me. he was heavy!, i can feel his muscles popping out. then i can feel his cock pointing right at my clit. at first he was rubbing his cock up and down my vagina while his tongue is inside my mouth; his right hand grabbing my neck while his left hand is playing with my boobies and it felt really good!! then he started going in! he was really enormous! he started the pounding slow, then his waist started to move in a circling manner, in and out he goes and the fast fucking made me lose myself even more! he fucks like a pro on those porn movies that i watched.. he grabbed my boobs and fucked me so hard! his deep moans and sweet scent of his sweaty body made the experience more delicious! he turned me on my back and began fucking me from behind. he lifts my legs, rubs my clit while he is making a great move of fucking my tight pussy! i never thought sex would be this good! it was my first time and it was this great! i wonder if all men were like that in bed!.. for straight 3 hours of nonstop fucking! then after, were both exhausted and fell asleeo.. when i woke up, the room was lit, it was beautiful and i saw him seated at the corner of his bed, looking and staring at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes. he looked sad and i felt very embarassed and covered my body with his blanket.. we never said a word for 30 min. then he came closer to me.. i just bowed my head which made my hair cover my face.. i saw him touched his hair and for awhile clised his eyes.. i close my eyes also.. i really dont know how to react or what to do. suddenly i felt disgusted of myself.. tears were starting to well up my eyes then suddenly i felt him hugged me so tight.. then suddenly he asked me to forgive him, for what he did. i was shocked! shakingly i told him that there's nothing to be sorry about. he said that things shoukd not happen if he did not carry me to his house but i timold him that if he didnt i might end up in the street dead fir some unforseen event but he hugged me even more tightly and uttered, "i never wanted for us to meet like this, i never wanted it to be this way!" i was confused and asked him what he was saying and then he confessed that he was the guy who kept on putting flowers, chocolates and cakes everyday on my desk. i never really had a conversation with him, sure he is the adonis of the office, a girl would do anything just to slept with him but never did i thought that those gift were from him. this time i hugged him also and despite what happened i can feel still feel his remorse about it. we talked it out and decided to start fresh. then suddenly he was gone.. without a trace. i didnt know what happened, tried everything to contact him but like how fast we met that's how sudden he left also.. for five years i never heard of him.. then at my parents anniversarry he apoeared!i missed him, that's when he told me he needs to go away for his medication.. he has luekemia but thank God he is well now.. we were now married with twins.. one girl and one boy and we own a lot of property.. never thought that a one-night-stand can lead to a happy and long lasting relationship.. :)

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  • lol! that was a long confession.. disgusting but Great.... it made me wonder why i read it.

  • fake. you got a wild imagination though, i'll give you that.

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