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I am a dick to people. I'm rude, vulgar, apathetic to most people and I'm really pushy to girls. I'm drunk or high as fuck half the time. I think the only people I'm not a dick to are my band and my dealer. I should hate myself, but I don't. A few people are convinced it's because I'm lonely since I moved across the country from my family. There's a chick who lives in the same block of flats as me who I have sex with on a regular basis, she doesn't seem to mind how horrible I can be sometimes. I'm going to try and turn my life around with her help and become a better person

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  • you will end up sucking your dealers cock (if you havent already done) than truly changing your bitch attitude.

  • you can do it! leave your past behing and open up to this girl, she sounds like a keeper to me if she can handle an addict. no hate here ive been there.. speed/cocaine can turn someone into a monster.. keep up mate 😉😉

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